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Sales of smartphones have significantly surged in recent years. And for that reason, smartphones are becoming more affordable. The number of Internet users has grown tremendously with the quick advancements in technology. And as a result of the volume rise, the mobile app market has grown significantly. Over 10 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by the end of 2016. To stay current with the newest trends, every developer should be aware of the following:

● Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Development There are now more than one platform available for mobile apps. If we talk about sales, Android will dominate the platform industry because of its cost, while iOS will dominate the high-end market. Mobile apps will eventually be independent of particular platforms and technology. With HTML5's advancement, hybrid mobile application development will undoubtedly grow in the future and support all popular and emerging platforms.

● The Engineer's Tools Tens of thousands of new applications are released each year by the mobile application market. And because of this, there is too much pressure to release mobile apps as quickly as possible without making any mistakes. Even companies want to apply as soon as possible for business-focused applications. Additionally, software developer kits and application programming interfaces are making it simple to launch applications as quickly as feasible. With time, these mobile applications and more sophisticated software packages will suddenly become more prevalent.

● Applications of IoT Utilising technology more and more as a result of recent improvements has made people lethargic, but the best is yet to come. Through mobile applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable us to keep an eye on and track the things around us. Apple Watches, Google Glass, Android Wear, and other technologies and trends are just the beginning. In fact, we are now witnessing some incredible IoT application models, such as self-driving cars, refrigerators that can read your tweets, and rings that can control everything, among others. These technologies will gradually become more prevalent in our daily lives.

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